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why a scholarship program?

Approximately 1 in 5 female high school students report being physically abused by a dating partner. 1 in 3 report knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, punched, kicked, slapped or physically hurt by a dating partner. Teens are most likely to confide in a friend about their abuse. By empowering girls to protect themselves and support their friends and peers, we hope that this program will play a role in ending domestic and dating violence in future generations.


2013 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week    


During the week of April 8th, the Mary Byron Scholars along with students from Assumption, DeSales, St. Xavier, and Trinity High Schools participated in a Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week. The Scholars visited DeSales, St. X, and Trinity High Schools and educated students about the harmful affects of dating violence.


They created Power Point presentations and used a different presentation every day throughout the week that contained different facts and information about teen dating violence. The Scholars presented this information to students at the participating high schools.

Posters containing teen dating violence facts and statistics were also displayed throughout the participating high schools. The posters had the number to the 24/7 Love is Respect Hotline, so they could contact a professional if they had questions or needed help.


On Sunday, April 14, Students from DeSales, Trinity, and St. X High Schools competed in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® relay event. Boys from the local Catholic schools wore high heels and used purses instead of batons as they competed for the Golden Shoe trophy. Faculty from the participating high schools also competed in the event.


There was a tie between Trinity and St. X, so the judges asked both schools to choose their best walker to represent the schools in a tie-breaker race. In the end, St. X took home the Golden Shoe trophy and the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® honors.


We are so proud of our Mary Byron Scholars and all of the students who participated in the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® relay. We would also like to thank all of our volunteers.


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is the International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault and Gender Violence. To learn more about Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®, visit

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2013 Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week

2013 Mary Byron Scholars Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Relay Event

Program History




 The Mary Byron Project Scholars Program was established in memory of Mary Byron, a 1991 graduate of Assumption High School. The scholarship is designed for students who wish to undertake a leadership opportunity among their peers and in the community relating to intimate partner and dating violence.


The goal of the scholarship program is to educate young women about intimate partner violence and the precursor behaviors that appear in dating relationships. Ultimately, we hope to:


  • Raise student awareness of dating violence at Assumption High School.


  • Raise community awareness about dating violence.


  • Develop peer group education on domestic violence.


  • Inform students about the roles that professionals in all fields can and should play in combating domestic violence.


  • Create a program with proven results that can be replicated at other high schools Provide scholarship recipients with training and support to continue their efforts into their college studies and/or professional careers.


The program is conducted in association with Assumption High School, which provides support to the students on a day-to-day basis through a liaison. We are very proud of our Mary Byron Project Scholars, who have used their training to give back to their school and community in many ways. The Scholars create bulletin boards, informational packets, educational Power Point presentations, and internal announcements to inform their peers about domestic violence and speak during mission week to raise awareness of the issue within the school community.

Our Scholars Work


  • Invited coordinators of the Green Dot initiative ( at the Center for Women and Families to speak to the school on the importance of bystander awareness and intervention to end the cycle of relationship violence. Fifty girls ultimately elected to receive more training in Green Dot and violence prevention.



  • Most recently, the MBP Scholars organized a "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" track meet. They met with students and representatives of local boys' schools St. X and Trinity along with a local men's program, MensWork, to discuss their ideas, get investment from the boys and schools, and get feedback to shape the event. The Scholars developed a variation of a traditional "Walk a Mile" event by having the boys compete in a relay race while wearing high heels. The event was a major success, raising $900 dollars and bringing new awareness to the issue of dating abuse.





Get Involved


As of right now, Kentucky is one of only five states in the nation that does not allow victims of dating abuse to obtain protective orders. One goal of the Mary Byron Project Scholars is to work to get legislation passed that will extend these civil protections to victims of dating violence. To support this cause, add your name here: